Outdoor Advertising

Digital screens generate 1bn impacts every week*

Outdoor advertising is about making a big impact. OOH advertising (as it is also known) is actually one of the most affordable forms of advertising in the industry. Even in high exposure areas, outdoor advertising can still be cheaper than the cost of a digital marketing campaign.

OOH can cater to most budgets, and with the multiple formats to choose from there is most likely something to suit all clients.  It also allows you to make an impact in a way that you can’t on a phone screen, a computer or even a TV.

Outdoor media covers various formats including:

  • Traditional / Digital billboard advertising (6 sheet, 48 sheet & 96 sheet)
  • Bus advertising – Rear Panels, T sides, Mega Rears, Full Wraps, Headliners or Streetliners.
  • Bus Shelter Advertising
  • Trains & Train Stations
  • Trams
  • Taxis – Full Livery & Interiors
  • Phone boxes
  • Lamp post banners
  • Roundabouts
  • Petrol pump nozzles

And much more!

Outdoor advertising is the perfect medium to build brand recognition and is ideal to drive sales around a specific deadline, like a new store opening, drawing in the seasonal crowds, or relating to public events and holidays.

Whether it be a city centre campaign or a local activation, an out of home format can be found for you to boost your campaign audience reach.

We can buy traditional OOH sites on a 2 week campaign, and also with the growth of digital OOH we can plan a strategic programmatic campaign across digital OOH networks, and also integrate this with mobile and radio advertising. The increased flexibility of digital allows us to buy time slots or days of the week. This highly targeted planning helps avoid wastage and maximise budgets.

Digital OOH, also known as DOOH, is constantly developing and can include facial recognition, vehicle or weather activation.

*Route Research 2019

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    What our clients say

    “Having only recently ventured into the unknown world of video on demand advertising, Zoe and the TPM team have been an amazing resource of knowledge and support. It very soon became apparent that TPM had a desire to offer only the best advice to us and ensure we invested in the digital channels that were the best fit for us rather than those that were most profitable to them. It’s rare to find a firm that values long term relationships over transactional value and in TPM I’m confident that we’ve found the right strategic advisory partner. Their service is exceptional and we look forward to a long term working relationship with them”

    Martin Bikhit - CEO - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices London Client Testimonial

    “Zoe and the TPM team offer us amazing support, a real extension of our marketing department. Excellent analytical skills when it comes to audience insight, innovative thinking when it comes to media selection, and strong process management to deliver effective campaigns – a truly full service agency.”

    Andrew Miller - Head of Marketing - Saga Healthcare Client Testimonial

    I cannot fault anything about my on-going engagement and support received from TPM Media. They are always super quick and concise in their communication, their copy is accurate to our brand and marketing needs and the turnaround time sees that our postings are out in great time. I find their service reliable and quotes transparent, and would recommend their support. Always super friendly and happy to help!

    Evelyn Warner – Recruitment Officer – Dogs Trust Client Testimonial

    TPM Media are a fantastic company when it comes to managing the placements of your advertising. Joan and her team are friendly to work with and are always very accommodating. Having worked with them for over 10 years, they have never once let us down.  TPM Media make everything easy and provide a one stop solution. We would 100% recommend TPM Media.

    Sarah Johnson – Marketing Manager – Johnsons Coaches Client Testimonial

    It’s always a pleasure to work with TPM media. No matter how small or large the advertising budget they proactively listen to the brief and find effective solutions spanning a wide mix of print and digital platforms. Quick to respond and a seamless service.

    Lisa King – Like Marketing – Albany Meadows Client Testimonial

    The team were thoroughly professional and dedicated, possessing valuable insight in market knowledge. Collectively working together to highlight the correct audience and demographic profile before pairing these with the appropriate media placements, with market analysis and key campaign statistics available throughout this resulted in an over achievement in our campaign KPI’s.  Working with TPM was the perfect solution to our media buying needs.

    Karl Bickley - International Category Director - Sports Nutrition - FrieslandCampina Client Testimonial

    “The team at TPM are friendly and enthusiastic however tight the deadline. The team are knowledgeable in their field of expertise and always willing to assist.”

    Anita Mansfield - HR & OD Officer – Trent & Dove Housing Client Testimonial

    “Our relationship with TPM goes back to the beginning of my business, around 25 years. Throughout that quarter of a century I’ve always found them to be friendly, efficient and highly responsive. In those early days almost all of our advertising was print-based, now much of it is digital. TPM have adapted to the new landscape while retaining their proactive approach and I highly recommend them.”

    Mark Thomas – Managing Director - Word Association Client Testimonial

    Stridez is a medical product development company. As a start-up we needed a company that both understood the challenges of developing a new business as well as being able to provide insight into our proposed market. TPM had provided the expertise and support needed in a competitive market. Their support had been a key part of our success.

    Dr Nick Allen – Director - Stridez Client Testimonial